Unable to playback recorded call from (ucp) - html5 converting issue?

I see something very strange. Using the UCP’s call history widget I’m trying to playback a recording of >1h long. The loader is loading, nothing is playing.
Further investigation:

Normally a recorded call is being converted to html5 formats, I believe to cover all browsers for the playback feature. In my test it’s being converted to wav, sln48 and ulaw. These are being saved to /var/spool/asterisk/tmp. When the convert ‘job’ is done, it’s streamed to the browser via javascript (an url is being called). After being streamed to the browser, the temp files are being removed.
To be honest, I really do not understand why this convert to 3 different formats is needed.

This works perfect for short calls, <1h. With long calls it’s broken. It looks like the convert failed (?) and nothing is being streamed to the browser (no url is being called from ajax), the temp files are generated but I think it stops at generating ulaw file… However I do not see any error messages in the browser console, not the asterisk logs or httpd logs…

Running the latest stable versions of UCP module, call recording module, cel module, cdr module, even the core and framework.
This all on the distro, FreePBX, Asterisk 18.6.0 (before it was asterisk 13, same issue).

Anyone else able to reproduce the same?


Additionally, we are converting the default wav to mp3 and save them correctly to the db
Even if the recording is saved as wav, the ucp is trying to convert the file…

I reviewed the source code a bit and I still cannot understand why the file is being converted, as most of the browsers nowadays support streaming of mp3/4, even wav :slight_smile:

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