Unable to make OutBound phone calls w/Elastix and Zoiper

We have installed the latest Elastix on Virtual Oracle Machine(Virtual Box) running Linux. On the Virtual Box we have a ‘Bridged Connection’ under Networking. We didn’t setup DID as most of our calls will be outbound.

Our problem is that we can’t for some reason make an outbound phone call to the US resulting in error#503 when using Zoiper as a virtual phone. We have a SIP.US account and Under ‘Connectivity’ in our SIP Account Overview in FreePBX we have a red line displaying ‘Error:Asterisk IP and Real External IP do not match.’ Could that be a problem and how do we fix it?

Can someone login into our OS and point out the problem? We would appreciate it.


You need to go to the Elastix forum, this is FreePBX support.

Also if you have an error that outside IP’s don’t match have you thought about finding out what your IP is and making them match?