Unable to make external calls

Hi there, I am using asterisknow 1.5 which is freepbx

I’m able to make calls from my SIP gateway device internally. However, I’m not able to make external calls as my SIP gateway device cannot register itself to my freepbx server.

My SIP device cannot get registered from other places.

I just add normal extension and I’m able to make call internally. What do I need to configure to allow other SIP gateway device to get registered and making calls?

Please help!!! Thank you.

If by “SIP gateway device” you mean a Linksys SPA-3102 or Sipura SPA-3000 then follow the instructions at HOWTO: Linksys SPA-3102/Sipura SPA-3000 + FreePBX. If you mean anything else, then tell us the make and model of the “SIP gateway device” and MAYBE someone can help you.

Thanks for your help. I have got my SIP gateway device registered to my Freepbx box. It is blocked by the firewall.