Unable to make 911 calls through FreePBX

Okay, i have a Merlin Magix system that is connected via T1 to a FreePBX box that is supplied a SIP trunk through Broadvox. The branch had a medical emergency and was trying to call 911 to get an ambulance. The Magix system requires 9 for an outside line, so the users were trying to dial 9-911 but all they are receiving is dead air. When 9 is press it sends the call to the FreePBX box to handle the routing. I have made sure my emergency call route is the first route to be processed but Broadvox is still saying they are not showing any calls being attempted. Please help!!

What are your outbound routes? My 911 through vitelity works fine.

I have my Emergency route that has a dial pattern of 911 that goes to my 3 sip trunks,
Then i have my route that will call the main branch via extension w/ dial patters = 1xx 2xx 3xx 5xx 7xx
Then the route to dial the Merlin PBX on site w/ dial patterns = 6xx, Nxx, Nxxx
Then the outbound plan through our SIP trunks w/ dial patterns = NxxNxxxxxx, Nxxxxxx

All of the routes work execpt the Emergency route.

Try to dial 911 from the Merlin and capture some log on your system.

You also did not tell us anything about your system? What installer, version of FreePBX and Asterisk etc.

I assume you have the context for the DAHDI channels on that PRI in the from-internal context or the outbound route won’t matter.