Unable to load config file 'pjsip_wizard.conf' message


I am using chan_sip for all my extensions and for all my trunks but I noticed in the asterisk log I get an error message

[2018-03-19 19:39:16] ERROR[8881] res_pjsip_config_wizard.c: Unable to load config file ‘pjsip_wizard.conf’

As far as I know this has no impact on the functions of my system but would like to know what needs to be done to fix this error message.


In the Advanced Settings, turn off your PJ-SIP Channel Driver. That should get rid of the error. If it doesn’t, you can create the files using “touch /etc/asterisk/pjsip_wizard.conf” from the console.

@cynjut, yes, that did the trick. Thanks. Probably your second suggestion is even better rather than turning off pjsip completely?

It depends on whether you support PJ-SIP. On one of my installations, it’s all Chan-SIP. On the rest, I mix both. If you are using (or planning on using) PJ-SIP, the ‘touch’ command works fine.

That ERROR is more of a WARNING. We dont create every file ever for a reason.

@cynjut, @tm1000 - thanks for the further clarifications.

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