Unable to install User Control Panel 15.0.11

While trying to enable UCP i am presented with an error regarding NPM version being 3.5.2 while the requirement is 3.10.3. and I should run ‘yum upgrade nodejs’ from the CLI as root. I am running debian and use apt.
I ran
sudo apt upgrade nodejs
and see it is at the latest version:
nodejs is already the newest version (12.22.8-1nodesource1).

So i went on wth
sudo fwconsole chown
#completed ok

fwconsole ma upgrade framework
#framework is the same as the online version, unable to upgrade

fwconsole ma upgradeall
#Up to date.
#Updating Hooks…Done

So i’m still no closer to getting past this> NPM version is: 3.5.2 requirement is 3.10.3

heres the error in its entirety while installing UCP from the module installer:

Please wait while module actions are performed

Installing ucp
Updating tables ucp_sessions…Done
NPM version is: 3.5.2 requirement is 3.10.3. Run ‘yum upgrade nodejs’ from the CLI as root
Error(s) installing ucp:

  • Failed to run installation scripts
    Updating Hooks…Done

My environment

npm -v

nodejs -v

UCP does not work with node 12. You will have to install an older version. I think as high as version 11 is ok.

dropping down to 11 did it. thank you!

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