Unable to have 2 simultanious calls, confrence calls, or transfers

i purchased an additional channel (so now i have 2 channels) and i would like to do have simultaneous calling, confrence calls, or phone transfers.

i believe this is a problem with the way i set things up.

for right now, i am trying to complete this task, i dial one number, than i put it on hold, than dial another number (it immediately disconnects) and i would like to conference them together.

here is a dump with "core show channels concise"

here is my asterisk log:

these are my trunk

enum ENUM

ipcomm (sip)

ipkall (sip)

netvision (sip)

netvision_main (sip)

rapidvox (sip)

Channel g0 (zap)

netvision and netvision_main are the only ones with outbound calling

in outbound route i have 1 route called netvision_out and here is the order of the trunk sequece
Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes



for inbound route i have

ipcomm DID

201xxxxxxx / any CID

ipkall DID

425xxxxxxx / any CID


073xxxxxxx / 077xxxxxxx


077xxxxxxx / any CID

(xxxxxxx is just to hide my number from search engines)

please let me know what else i can provide you in order to help you assist me

thanks in advance


What distro are you using?

hey tm1000, thanks for the reply, im using centos5 Asterisk (Ver. 1.8.4) and FreePBX
anything else?


Turn off display_errors in php.ini

could you explain to me how this will help my issue? or how it will help you diagnose?

Because FreePBX is written with a bunch of AGI scripts. These script output commands directly to Asterisk. When you have display errors on the errors are sent directly to asterisk and therefore asterisk gets confused and drops callers.

Your real best bet would have been to use the FreePBX distro…

Also please STOP ‘bumping’ this thread. You are making people not want to answer you.