Unable to get secret in the 'add extension' response

I am not able to get the secret in the response of my add extension query.
Here is the query:

mutation {
input: {
extension: 1
name: “api test 2”
tech: “pjsip”
channelName: “APi Test3”
outboundCid: “12345678904”
email: “xyzabcq@gmailcom”
umGroups: “1”
vmPassword: “asdaq”
callerID: “234234325”
emergencyCid: “1221333333”
clientMutationId: “test1233”
) {

Is there a way to get secret in the response?? I really need your help here.

Not possible, but we have an internal ticket on that to resolve.

Ah, that’s sad :frowning: Do you have an estimate on when that would be available??

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