Unable to find asterisk results on dashboard asterisk status

FreePBX16 distro
Asterisk 16.20

Just installed a new distro to replace a hacked 15 version. Couple weird things going on .

  1. on the main dashboard in the summary window the asterisk field has a flame icon and when hovered over say “unable to find asterisk results”

  2. When dialing the phones, either extension to extension with a BLF button or speed dial button or dialing direct to an outside number, randomly (doesn’t seem to be a static timeout from what I can tell) I’ll get a busy signal on the first try and nothing will show at all in the asterisk logs. Then if I try right away again, the call goes through. This seems to happen on all phones.

not sure what’s going on.

Update: the flame icon eventually went away on it’s own but it’s reporting incorrect stats. Saying Asterisk has only been up for 2 minutes when it’s been at least 1/2 hour.

Asterisk is probably crashing and restarting. Check /var/log/asterisk/full and /var/log/messages to figure out why.

been watching it, it’s not crashing that I can tell… There is no /var/log/asterisk/messages file

another interesting thing, I have a vpn set up on this cloud based pbx to the firewall of the phones location. I’ve been doing this for years. The eth1 on the pbx is the vpn interface with an ip of 10.1.x.x. The phones are on a local 172.x.x.x network.

If the FreePBX firewall is OFF, I can ping the phones on 172.x.x.x from the PBX and the PBX from the phones network.

If the PBX firewall is ON I cannot ping the phones from the PBX but can still ping the PBX interface from the phone network.

asterisk is reporting now.

Still having an issue with all phones getting a busy tone randomly when dialing out. Seems to be after they’ve sat idle for a while but haven’t pinned down a consistent idle time. When it does happen, nothing appears in the asterisk logs for the attempt.

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