Unable to Engage Feature Codes with "*"

We are using FreePBX (Feature Code Admin on an Asterisk Server v1.8.5.0 (CentOS 5.5) with Polycom Soundpoint 650’s and 330/331’s. Upon pressing the “" key on the endpoint device, the display shows “@[our asterisk server IP]” before any other number or another "” can be entered to envolk a Feature Code. I’ve spent the best part of two days reading through different articles on the forum and have been unsuccessful in finding any “clues.” My primary goal at the moment is to demonstrate call-pickup for a Ring Group. Your input is greatly appreciated.

I was able to make this work by disabling url-dialing. But to do that required changes to the cfg files that are part of the endpoint manager firmware install. Let me try to find my notes on the topic (or repeat it - lost the changes when I rebuilt).

Thank you “brk” for your reply. I have been able to get the codes to work as long as the user leaves the handset on the receiver. But, that is going to be a tough thing to train them to do. Plus, I still don’t like the fact of the server IP being displayed. Thank you again for help and I look forward to your notes! :slight_smile:

You need to modify the dial plan in the phone to accept the digit patterns starting with the * character.

A properly crafted dial plan does not require a user to even press send.

Here is my plan, we use 9 as our prefix digit.

Here is my entire dial plan section of the polycom config:

 <dialplan dialplan.impossibleMatchHandling="0" dialplan.removeEndOfDial="1" dialplan.applyToUserSend="1" dialplan.applyToRemoteDialing="0" dialplan.applyToUserDial="1" dialplan.applyToCallListDial="0" dialplan.applyToDirectoryDial="0"
    <digitmap dialplan.digitmap="[2-9]11|0T|9011xxx|*5xx|*805xx|9[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|5xx" dialplan.digitmap.timeOut="3|3|3|3|3|3|3" />
      <server dialplan.routing.server.1.address="" dialplan.routing.server.1.port="5060" />
      <emergency dialplan.routing.emergency.1.value="911" dialplan.routing.emergency.1.server.1="1" />

Thanks for the pointer SkyKingOH!!

My old dialplan on my old server was…


But I guess I dropped the * codes when I rebuilt the server…


I will give it a shot in the next few days and see if that addresses it w/o messing with the url-dialing option.

Thank you, thank you, thank you SkyKingOH for your direction and patience with we tadpoles! I was able to trace down the settings in our Polycom templates which I’m pretty sure were just the defaults ([2-9]11|0T|011xxx.T|[0-1][2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[1-9]xxT|[2-9]xxxT). We, too, use 9 to get to an outside line. The previous administrator handled this with an outbound route set to 9 in the prefix and “.” for the match using our CiscoGateway trunk. Is this going to cause any conflict? Also, I’m guessing all your ring groups start with “5?” Ours start with 6 on our Production box and 9 on our Training. So, I’ve modified our templates to [2-9]11|0T|9011xxx|*[2-9]xx|*80[2-9]xx|9[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xx. Of course, my classroom is across town. So, I won’t be able to test my work until tomorrow. I’ll confirm then. But wanted to express gratitude and enter a post helpful to search parameters. :slight_smile:

No problem, to answer your question the 5xx pattern is for our internal extensions.

You will notice when the dial plan is crafted correctly you don’t have to press send and the phone functions as people expect. It’s just one of the small points of an expert installation.

Dial Plans are nothing new, Western Electric Dimensions and Definitys had them in the 70’s. If you have never worked on phones before it’s probably a foreign concept.