Unable to dial a remote extension (chan pjsip)

Unable to dial a remote extension at home or anywhere from the office.
Public in this picture my public in nat

Well the first thing I see here is that the 172.16.x.x is the start of private space but it’s a /12 not a /16 so you are not including the entire space. It also could be why things aren’t working right since it is a completely different subnet length.

the ip of my FreePBX is le me know what I do?

Can the remote extensions make calls ok? Do they show as registered?

When you try to call one, what do you hear? What does the display show? Does the called phone ring? If so, what does the callee hear?

no remote extension is registered.
that’s problem

What, if anything, appears in the Asterisk log when a remote extension attempts to register?

If nothing, run sngrep and report what, if anything, appears there.

If also nothing, you have a problem with port forwarding in your router/firewall. Make/model? What VoIP-related settings does it have? Does it have your public IP on its WAN interface?

I have public IP 203. x.x.x. But it connects yesterday and I was able to call from outside. But now some of this is happening extension not registering.
Port forwarding in the router is configured properly

Possibly it changed, even if it’s supposed to be static. Does the address you see at

match what you have in External Address in Asterisk SIP Settings?
If the external extensions are registering to a domain name, confirm that the name resolves to your external address.

If that’s not your issue, please answer the questions in my previous post.

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