"Unable to connect to the UCP Node Server"

For several weeks now I’ve been receiving the attached notification when I log into UCP. I click ok and it goes away for a second only to repeat the notification endlessly.

I found UCP unable to connect to UCP node server - #7 by ericbramini and ran fwconsole start ucpnode which ended in
Unable to run Pre-Asterisk hooks, because Asterisk is already running on PID 308
9 and has been running for 6 days, 16 hours, 42 minutes, 13 seconds
UCP Server has already been running on PID 12475 for 20 minutes, 37 seconds
and had no affect on the UCP.

There are several other suggestions in that post (uninstalling and reinstalling, disabling tls for node, etc). What would be most appropriate for me on freepbx 14 RC?

You are getting hammered with messages because ucp can’t connect to its server so either disable or uninstall ucpnode server or open the right ports for the server (Also not sure how much of it works with ipv6)

Hey Andrew, thanks as always.

I decided to just use ipv4 to access UCP and no notifications. I don’t require ipv6 so I’ll just start using the ipv4 address.