Unable to configure the soft horizontal buttons on Polycom 330


Asterisk 16.15.1

I am trying to configure the horizontal soft button on the Polycom 330 phones. The phones connect to the system perfectly and got their firmware update. I am using the commercial Sangoma EndPoint module.

I went in the template for the polycom_330 and I defined the soft keys that I want. I have 2 issues. First, it seems that the first button is defined by default to “Msgs” . When I click on it, it displays Message Center. I cannot find where this default button is defined in my config. So when I try to define the first button in my template, it actually assigns the function to the second button. And so on : when I try to define the second button, it gets assigned to the third button …

Also, on my old asterisk system, the Polycom had a button configured to show the list of Callers. I am not sure how to do that with my new system. In the doc, it says that the soft keys can only be used for speed dial. And I dont see how to do that via speed dial on the Polycom. Is there a special command I can use to get that list ?

Thank you


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