Unable to change port assignments in SysAdminPro

(xp) #1

Fully patched FreePBX Distro (, v13. Latest module updates all applied. Dashboard is all green checked.

Goto sysadmin pro and try to set the ports for provisioning. I change them in the dropdown, hit update now, and they go back to the previous value.

Firewall module is newest released module Did a rollback to and no different.

Right now provisioning ports are disabled and I cannot get them re-enabled so I can get some phone changes to take effect!!

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

This is not a firewall issue, it’s a sysadmin issue. You might try downgrading sysadmin a version or two to see if that resolves. Otherwise, it’s past time to have a plan in place to be on 14.

(xp) #3

Rolled back to Version 13.0.85 and still unable to change parameter. Repatched back up due to known vulnerability.

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