Unable to call extension

Hello Everyone,

I hope someone experience or has particular knowledge of what I am experiencing with our freepbx. There is a extension that cannot dial a certain extension but other works fine.
For ex. 2510 cannot dial 2511 but others can do and 2511 can dial back 2510
The error is either ‘invalid number message’ or ‘quick busy tone’ and doesn’t appear in our CDR, doesn’t show in the logfiles as well

I also recreated the extension and tested it with pjsip/sip. Both extensions are on a different network address but both can dial other extension

Please provide a call trace via pastebin: https://sangomakb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SS/pages/31162494/Providing+Great+Debug#Asterisk-Logs---Part-II

Nothing appears in the logs. I was getting a invalid error message and then it changed to a quick busy tone when I did something

Nothing in the log would mean that nothing arrived to asterisk which is not consistent with your phone being registered and being able to call other extensions. Are you using the FreePBX distro? Have you tried deleting and creating/recreating a new extension?

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