Unable to authenticate with User Manager credentials

I am fairly new and may not understand how this is supposed to work.

I thought by creating an entry in user manager and linking it to an extension, then the user could register a softphone by using the credentials specified in the User Manager entry.

I create a user with the name larryo and linked it to an extension. The entry in user manager has a different password than that of the extension. I then try to create an account in Zoiper using the User Manager credentials, but it won’t register. Only the credentials used for the extension work.

If I am misunderstanding this, please explain it.

When registering a SIP client such as Zoiper, you must use the SIP credentials. User Manager credentials are for users to access the UCP (and Zulu if you’re using it)

Okay…got it

So is there anyway for a user to change their SIP client password?

Yes. You can enable Admin Login for the user in question and give them access to the Extensions module with whatever extension range you want. Something like:

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