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I am looking at different SIP trunks within the UK however most of these are costly for just 2 SIP trunks. I run a company in the UK and I have just signed up for a US SIP trunk that offers unlimited channels at very low prices. Is there any Sip trunks in the UK that are cheap and has unlimited SIP trunks or SIP trunks that has low charges for adding channels?


Check out Gamma. However best of going through reseller i recommend ‘Internet Central’

I pay £9 ex vat per channel/trunk and that also included 2000 min UK mobile and 5000 min Land land. More channel/trunk combined mins…
Telephone numbers were £1.50 each one off no additional monthly charge.
There is a setup charge to provision the trunk.

Alternatively Sip Station Sangoma in the UK is very friendly and helpful and will talk you through it all, there call plan in unlimited.

What works best for you use case at the end of the day :slight_smile:

I am a SIP Trunk Reseller and charge the £1.50 per phone number a month. The basic plan I have is £3/month that gives you 4 channels and a free 0330 number. I also charge just 75p per extra channel a month. The call charges are 4p per minute as well as offering bundles for minutes.

In my companies expansion I was looking into US SIP trunks and saw how cheap they were, less than a cent per minute and unlimited channels and just wanted to see what other SIP providers there were in the UK I may not have known about.

£9/month per channel/trunk is a lot to me, I charge 75p per trunk so if you ever are considering moving to another SIP provider, do feel free to contact me.

It’s not always wise to look at from cost perspective alone. I run sales for the European region at ClearlyIP (with Tony Lewis etc.) and we have just launched SIP trunking in the UK and would be happy to discuss options.

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