UK - Orbtalk + FreePBX 16 + pjSIP

Hey Boys and Girls,

I’m in the UK and using 3 different SIP providers. On my current FreePBX v13 box with “normal” SIP I have all 3 working as expected.

On my new FreePBX 16 with pjSIP I have two of them working but the third is not. For the two that work I created trunks, added the SIP server address, username + password then added appropriate inbound and outbound routes and we were away and working. The third is proving to be a bit more problematic and I wondered if anyone could help.

The provider is a company called Orbtalk, they have been brought out and are now owned by a firm called Telappliant. I have spoken to their support to ask if they have a walkthrough / help doc for connecting to FreePBX and they don’t seem to (they used to have one for older versions).

Inbound was simple and has been working fine but outbound is proving to be more problematic. It seems that they need an outbound proxy setting and a “from user” set as per the trunk username but I am still struggling to make calls and am receiving a “the number your have dialled is not in service” error.

The outgoing settings section on my old server looks something like this;

I wonder if someone could talk me through those options and what, if anything, I might need to tweak on the pjSIP trunk to make outbound work.

Allow without disallow will cause you problems.

hostip doesn’t exist, and never has. As far as I can tell, chan_sip only uses the first DNS A record and can only have one IP address for a peer. Their DNS only returns the first of these addresses.

username is only (and only rarely) relevant for inbound registrations, and is now called defaultuser.

nat=yes is deprecated, and, although I think FreePBX defaults to both nat=force_rport and nat=comedia, you shouldn’t need either providing that both you and they configure correctly for NAT.

If you are behind NAT you need to define external IP and local networks, to use NAT properly.

insecure=very has been removed from the latest Asterisk source code. It was the edprecated equivalent to insecure=invite,port, but most people don’t need the port part, and replacing secret by remotesecret seems a better solution to me. In chan_pjsip terms, insecure=invite is equivalent to only defining outbound authentication. This will break inbound, which you say is working.

I failed to find any technical information on their web site, and you haven’t provided any logs.

Can you confirm that you don’t register, but rather configure your IP address with them, as I couldn’t find any registration options.

Hey David,

Thanks for the reply. Reading what you put made me realise that some of the options I had used previously do have valid current parameters under trunks, pjsip settings, advanced.

I have set the “from domain”, “from user” and “Send RPID/PAI” and things now seem to be working.

thanks again for pointing me in the right direction

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