UK dial plan

Hi I’m having trouble getting freepbx to dial out, the SIP settings are correct and it has registered, I can receive calls but when I try to make calls I get "your call cannot be completed as dialled

I live in the UK, my city is Brighton

numbers are

01273- 747940

and mobiles are 11 digits 0786772269

As well as 0845 and 0870 and 0800 and 0808 numbers

I have a dial_9 plan with 9| in the prefix

You need to setup dial patterns in Outbound Routes, you will need to drop the 9 so your dial pattern in the UK will be something like this 9|0[012378]XX. After dropping the 9 the first digit on trunk calls and mobile calls will always be zero and the next digit if memory of UK dialing serves me correctly can be 0,1,2,3,7 or 8, after that pretty much anything goes hence the XX., meaning that the digits in the string can be any digit and the period says the string can be any length. To dial a local call set up another dial pattern 9|7XXXXX assuming that all local calls have first digit 7 followed by five digits.

thanks! XD all works now

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so what the dial pattern just for local number setting? and one for mobile?

The uk does not have a ‘closed’ dial plan

Will let you know all possible dialing from a ‘land line’

All mobile phones are ‘closed’ at

07xxx xxxxxx

If calling from outside the uk, substitute any initial 0 with the locale specific + , i.e. 01144 for NANP land, generally 0044 for Europe and most of the world otherwise.

The way I set our up is to set one up for all types of national calls and another up for local calls.