Uh oh. Still using firmware Is there an upgrade option?

we have been using freepbx for a while. I guess a long while.

we had some simple call settings i was updating when i realized there were some module updates to install. SInce it was 4 am, i figured it was a good time to do these.

originally it was the 2.10 module update. that worked.

  • Current Version Info (Updated each stage of upgrade process):
  • FreePBX Base Version: 2.10.1
  • FreePBX Framework Version:
  • FreePBX Core Version:

but then there were more modules that could be upgraded. many upgraded successfully. after the successful module updates, then i started getting error messages like these on the rest of them failed module upgrades:

  • System Admin cannot be upgraded:
  • PHP version 5.3.0 or higher is required, you have 5.1.6
  • PHP Component Zend Guard Loader is required but missing from you PHP

so i started checking the internet for upgrading the PHP - and it looks like PHP 5.3 has been part of freepbx for a few years already. and the freepbx wiki instructions recommend doing an update on the overall freepbx firmware that would also update the asterisk core and PHP (i think).

I checked the wiki - and it looks like the scripts are available for firmware versions 1.8 and up. So i go into m system admin tool to see what version i am running and it shows:

  • System Admin
  • PBX Firmware:
  • PBX Service Pack:

oh boy. this does not look good. Am i going to need to rebuild the entire pbx from scratch with a new ISO install? Or is there a way to get this version of firmware upgraded where i do not lose my current company phone settings & voicemail & history logs for the 20+ lines we already have in our office?


I doubt you ever had commercial modules working. Do you need any of those modules?

correct - no commercial modules at this point. Is that the only reason i need the PHP update?

Is there any problems that could arise from using the original firmware, but still updating freepbx to the latest 2.11 version?

I am in the exact same position as I started a new job and the FreePBX is running

PBX Firmware
PBX Service Pack

My first assignment is to upgrade to the latest freePBX and get some commercial modules. As I have been digging into this, I see no easy upgrade path from my current version. I have over 700 users on the phone system right now.

How do I upgrade without losing any data?

This release has been end of life and does not have any upgrade path to a newer release track due to a limitation of Centos 5 to Centos 6 providing no upgrade path.

If I build a new FreePBX up the the latest everything, is it possible to import any data from a configuration backup and such from the old system?