UDP ports "5060-5061" are closed

I have FreePBX on AWS EC2 server
But when I checked for the UDP port 5060 I found that it’s closed
I’ve added it to the security group but it’s still closed

The problem is that I was trying to link the FreePBX extinction to lingphone app and it keeps telling me that the account does not exist so I am not sure if it’s a port problem or what?!

confirm the service port to insure its not something other than 5060 … settings > asterisk sip settings > then the channel specific tab and look at the port to listen on for UDP 5061 is typically TLS and thus TCP not UDP

next confirm it is listening locally

[[email protected] ~]# netstat -nau | grep 5060
udp        0      0  *

finally make sure you are not banned in some manner or blocked by local firewall policy in connectivity > firewall… look at networks and intrusion detection

if you still cannot reach the service port its something in between, like AWS firewall policy

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