UCPnode update failed - RESOLVED

I am getting a CP notice that the UCPnode 12.0.5 module is disabled pending update. When I attempt to update it in the GUI it errors and tells me to go the CLI and enter ‘npm install npm -g’. When attempting this I get a series of ‘npm warn unmet dependency’ issues. Any ideas what’s the problem?

Is having the UCPnode disabled going to create any problems? I’d prefer to fix the issue. That aside, i’m unsure exactly what it does or if this is a larger problem.

RESOLVED! It appears that the ‘npm install npm-g’ was required to be ran before processing the ‘enable and upgrade’ in the control panel. Everything is back to normal now :smile:


For the dependency problem I did what smazurov said on March 24th, 2014 in this thread: https://github.com/Unitech/pm2/issues/232 .


$ cd /usr/lib/node_modules
$ unlink inherits
$ rm -rf [email protected]/
$ npm install -g inherits

I had to do it as root though…

It seems to have worked…

I didn’t quite research what this did exactly so do it at your own risks…

Have a nice day!


Please do not do what Marbled has suggested. The “warnings” can be safely ignored

Hi Andrew,

What did I actually do and what problem could it cause?

Thank you,


PS:I was quite tempted to delete my post but not before I know what this actually did…