UCP xhr polling error

Hello, I am running FreePBX 14 on Sangoma Linux and my users utilize the UCP primarily to listen to and archive voicemails on the company intranet via direct IP and HTTP. This was working fine for some time, but an automatic update to the UCP (we are now running started giving us the dreaded ‘xhr poll error’. Now, the UCP web interface hangs in a cycle, wasting about four seconds connecting to ‘/ucp/ajax.php?module=voicemail&command=checkextensions’. The only time the UI can be interacted with is during the less-than-a-second period between polls to the above URL, but the page’s core functions seem to operate normally besides this. I’ve tried a handful of items recommended online, most recently disabling XMPP, Conference Pro, Zulu, and the CRM module, but this did not resolve the issue. I suspect I may be experiencing an issue that has been described before, but in my reading old threads, I believe there are many that did not describe the full resolution process. If anyone can please help with troubleshooting this, it will be greatly appreciated!

if you roll the module back does the issue persist ?

its a little unintuitive but go to module admin and check online then view the previous module versions you can roll back to , click the little carrot symbol to expand and you’ll see Info , Changelog , and Previous - you want Previous

if you feel it was an update that caused this id start with the above

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