UCP WebRTC Phone Outgoing Call Ring

I started testing the UCP Phone and was able to get it all setup and successfully make and receive calls (yay!). However, I noticed when making outgoing calls, I don’t have a ring sound so audio is completely dead until someone picks up and starts talking. Is this normal or is there a small configuration issue? Incoming calls seem to work as expected (I hear a ring, press answer and able to talk).

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Are you calling someone in Verizon? We’ve been following someone else with exactly the same problem description and he narrowed it down to something with the cell carrier.

My cell phone as a test is Verizon but I also tested against several other phone numbers (known to not be Verizon or cell phones) and had the same issue. In addition to it not ringing, there is no change in the phone interface – I would think once I press “Call” the button would change to perhaps “Hangup” or similar – but it stays in “Call” until the called party picks up and then it changes the interface to allow me to hangup and put on hold.


I have noticed the same thing with UCP phone, no ringback tone until the other side picks up.

Same here =[

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