UCP Voicemail forward show everybody's voicemail box

When a user accesses UCP | Voicemail and selects a voicemail to forward (by hitting the forward arrow), it presents a box in which he can type. Whatever letter / number you type yields a match of all mailboxes containing that typed digit. Because of this, all VM boxes on the PBX are destined to be “found out” - even the CEO’s “private and unknown” mailbox shows up. How can we restrict which mailboxes show up when a user starts to type in the forward box?

The voicemail.conf file is pretty much one of the only “live” .conf files in FreePBX in regards to management/editing/adding/deleting. FreePBX actively opens, reads and parses the voicemail.conf file when any voicemail related items need to be dealt with. The Voicemail tab under the extension, real-time read from voicemail.conf for that account.

Even with the information that is stored with the extension user (not UCP user) for voicemail is either the context of the voicemail or “novm”, meaning no voicemail account is setup for that extension. There is nothing really in FreePBX that will let you limit which voicemail accounts they can see via the UCP. Honestly, if the CEOs super secret voicemail account (say 500) was dialed/called/transferred to by any of the users on the PBX by accident they would end up in the voicemail account.

Perhaps the Class of Service module might do it as it does restrict what internal “dialable” locations the user(s) can actually have access to. I just don’t know if that extends to the UCP and voicemail.

You can group voicemail accounts into voicemail ‘contexts’, by default it is ‘default’ but you can add as many as you want as VM Context in the extension page, you will see then in voicemail.conf in for example seperate [exec] , [staff] divisions, ref:-


Any extension can ONLY be in one context though and can only have knowledge of extensions in that shared context, I am unsure if UCP honors those restrictions, I would hope it does.

That’s not true at all. I can have 100 in both [default] and [custom-vm] contexts. That part of the point of the contexts. At least for Asterisk.I don’t know how FreePBX deals with the users under different contexts but I’m going to say they just parse the whole thing.

Again [email protected] is not the same as [email protected] for Voicemail.

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