UCP Port 81 and Email Templates

When I send the welcome email for a new user, the links are all sent with HTTPS links, including the UCP password reset link. Example below. When I click on the link using HTTPS, it fails. How can I change the email template that is set to exclude the port #. Or if someone could point me in the direction to listen on port 81 without breaking Apache (tried adding it to the ssl.conf, but it breaks it).

I am running the FreePBX distro, Version 13.

Congratulations! Your FreePBX account has been created! You can now use the credentials below:

Username: 8901
Password: Obfuscated. To reset use the reset link in this email

To login to the following services:

iSymphony Login: http://pbx1.com:58080/client/client

** User Control Panel: https://pbx1.com:81**

Password Reset Link (Valid Until: 03:47:58 PM):

This is configured in sysadmin.

I am running into this issue as well.
I didn’t see anything specifically in sysadmin related to the ${services} variable
If I understand correctly from this ticket http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-10861
that variable is not user configurable
ucp is configured to use the default 4443 port for https in port management, but the email still mixes https:// with the insecure port number
which of course takes the user to a page that will never render

How do I ensure that the email sends the welcome letter with the UCP url and the password reset url with an address like https://pbx.example.com:4443 or https://pbx.example.com/ucp ?