UCP Phone not making outgoing calls

Hello all. I have a Freepbx 15 version. Updated to its latest form. Its all setup with SSL cert from LetsEncrypt. I have enabled the user to have access to the UCP, as well as the UCP Phone. It say Phone: Registered when logged in. When I try to make an outgoing call on the UCP phone nothing happens. I go into dev mode on chrome (F12) and it says Session Failed Session Terminated. Understanding and reading the forums, I have disabled the firewall AND iptable to make sure it wasnt getting caught. I checked the CLI and its listening to 8088 and 8089. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

I have something similar my makes he call and hangups ups

Do incoming calls work? (mine don’t)

have you validated your cert?

go to https://your servername:8089 Make sure you cert is what you expect.

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