Ucp phone not making calls

I’ve searched through countless threads on here. I’ve turned on the encrypted settings (and the other settings greg mentioned in another thread, in advanced under the extension. I have a good SSL cert. https works fine with LE, i know WS is disabled in chrome and other browsers. I have TLS set for the https under the advanced settings. 8088 and 8089 are setup properly. but when I do a pjsip log, it says this
Contact: <sip:99[email protected]:5060;transport=ws
and I cant for the life of me seem to find where I have to specifiy WSS

and under Chrome it says this (i’m guessing because its running as ws)

Session failed
Session terminated

Now, i know you cant use a desk phone and the ucp phone on the same extension, thats fine. I just need this one extension to work. Thanks

Just looking to get some guidance. Thanks all.

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