UCP not working when PBX MFA is enabled

Recently, we purchased PBX MFA license for a year but upon enabling the said module our users unable to login, nothing happens when clicking on Login button and upon viewing the network in browser, it shows that there are problem accessing files which are 404 errors. See below image.

Our users accessing the UCP via https://domain.com:4443 which is having an issue.
but when we tried to access via https://domain.com/ucp there is no issue.

It seems there are a problem with the location of the PBX MFA module.

When accessing via https://domain.com/ucp no problem with this since the file ucplogin.css and ucplogin.js is also accessible for the user using port 443.

But using https://domain.com:4443 the problem here is FreePBX set the Document Root to under ucp folder then when the page is trying to access the said files it is not accessible because the admin folder is restricted.

Hopefully there will be some updates soon to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @RenatoSSS22 Are you using the latest PBXMFA version or ?

fwconsole ma downloadinstall pbxmfa --tag=


fwconsole ma downloadinstall pbxmfa --tag=

Hi @kgupta,

Our system currently using the version Tried to update using the command you’ve given but says doesn’t exist. Also, tried to enable edge mode but still no updates.

I can repro this on the current MFA version and have opened a ticket. Thanks for the report @RenatoSSS22.


We were also able to reproduced on a fully patched PBXact system. We had to uninstall the 2FA Module to mitigate.Thanks for creating a ticket and thank you Sangoma for working so hard on the new welcomed module.

Hi @lgaetz

When do we expect the new version/ fixed PBXMA module?

Fix for this issue is in edge now with module versions:

framework 15.0.25

framework 16.0.27
ucp 16.0.30


Hi @lgaetz,

How long will it take before becomes available in stable version?

Hi @RenatoSSS22 Modules pushed to the stable so please give try. Thanks

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Hi @kgupta

Its working now. Do you have some plan to add email template for that module for us to customize and avoid confusion for our users. They didn’t know about FreePBX.

Yes we do have plan to add that functionality as well. @RenatoSSS22

I can not comment on the ETA as of now, will try to include that feature asap.

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Cool. Thanks @kgupta for the updates.