UCP Missing Voicemail


Have something strange, UCP works find except Voicemail isn’t in the menu option. I can access VM by typing http://xxx.xxx.xx.xx/ucp/?display=dashboard&mode=voicemail so I know it’s there, just not showing up in the menu to the left. Any help would be appreciated.

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I upgraded to freepbx 13 yesterday and this is one of the issues I am having as well. I also don’t have the CDR and Endpoint options now.

I’m having exactly the same problem.

You need to give your userman user the permission to see voicemail.

Thanks for the information. I could use a bit more assistance, though. On the user details page, I found the section which lists the voicemail accounts this user has access to. There is not, that I can see yet, a way to edit this box. Went to the extensions module to confirm that the user and extension are still linked. They are.

Any suggestions? Thank in advance.

So here is the solution. Even though there is a “link” between the extension and the user, it is not complete. Why, don’t know. On the user profile page, there is a drop down box labeled, “Linked Extension”. This gives the impression that all should be ok. Right underneath there is a section labeled “Additional Assigned Extensions”. This gives the impression that only “Additional” and not “Primary” extension needs to be selected.

Once I clicked the box next to the already “Linked” extension that is when the other boxes updated. Then I clicked update, and apply config . Afterwards in the UCP the voicemail and other menus appeared.

Please consider changing the information in the rollover help icons to include that the primary extension needs to be selected in order for these features to become available in the UCP.


This is already resolved in FreePBX 13


Thank you, I am sure it will help ppl like me.