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is it possible to restrict UCP login 1 account only for 1 logged-in session? I want to prevent multiple login for the same account. right now 2 people or more are able to login to UCP using the same credential at the same time.

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As far as I know that’s not possible with on-board tools. Also how should it work? If someone else logs in, the other session just gets cancelled? What if there is an active call on that cancelled session?
Technically it should work if you just invoke a script that when logging in, removes all previous sessions in the database ucp_sessions. But maybe someone else has a cleaner way of doing this.

Not possible. What is the reasoning behind this request, why is it necessary to restrict login to a single session? Does not address the question as asked, but there is a session timeout parameter in Advanced Settings you can adjust.

the reason actually I want to limit the extension registration. e.g if the extension is already registered, then another user even though have the password will not be able to register. but it seems not possible. I know there is an option for deny and permit in the extension but it’s not the solution for me as the agent IP is dynamic(the IP from DHCP). so I looking for another solution and I saw the UCP has a Webrtc phone. I thought if I can restrict the login for the UCP it might a solution and the agent is still able to call with Webrtc phone.
in my case, it’s difficult to trace when the extension is abused because of 2 or more agents are able to use the same extension at the same time. the agent is from a third-party company.



I think not sharing credentials would be the best approach to address this problem. Why don’t you give every person its own account?

I gave them already. But sometimes they didn’t follow the SOP to request a new extensions for new agent and they did sharing credentials.

Who is running the show here?

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