UCP keep crashing

I have a new Sangoma FreePBX appliance 1 day old.
I used the bulk handler to import my User Manager Users.
Now when I try to access the ucp, it keeps crashing…

Navigate to User Management --> Groups, click on edit group and select the users from the users drop down and click on submit and apply config.
Once apply config is done please reload the page and the issue should be fixed.

Hi @mmishra,
I’ve added everyone to the group, submitted & applied config, but it’s still crashing.

Any other suggestions on this? My user’s would like to log into their UCP.

This is caused by an out of date Property Management module. You can upgrade with:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall pms --tag
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Weird thanks. When I checked for updates in the GUI, it didn’t show any updates. But the manual update fixed it.

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