UCP email link from user management

I like the UCP but i need to work out some issues.
The link in the email when you create a new user in the user management using the $(services) name.
The $(services) is giving out the link to ucp that will not work. http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:81 I think if should give out https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ucp
Anyone know the definition $(services) is?
Distro 10.13.66-6

I know I can manually fix the email, but…

Did you upgrade from 12 to 13?

Yes I did.
I guess you know the issue?

I don’t think it updates the template. Admin —> User Management --> Settings --> Email Settings and just modify ${services} to ${services}/ucp

${services} is the IP or FQDN (if setup) of the server.

Services is a string with multiple outputs. Tacking on /ucp is going to break in the future if you do that

I just wanted to know if this was a option that could be updated. It’s just as easy to update the email format and include the links that $(services) doe.

Thank you for the help

@tm1000 Thanks, I didn’t realize that was the case. So I’m guessing that depending on what PBX function it’s called from it sources the value based on the PBX function.

@posi Yes, if you want to just add the http://(FPBX IP/FQDN)/ucp in the email body it will work. I would follow Andrew’s advice and not modify the ${Services}. If you don’t want that value in a certain part of the template, just remove it from the template.

There is a ticket in queue that will allow you to change the URL. It’ll be done this week.


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was this ever resolved? We always have to manually edit the template but would prefer to edit the info/links that are in $(services). How do we edit those and can you tell me where it references to pick up the IP address for UCP and isymphony it inserts?


any updates on this Andrew?

Fix was in userman v13.0.45 according to this ticket.