UCP - Change voicemail message

From: wiki

What wiki is this? The options in my UCP does not have a ‘record greeting’ option.

The existing options seem to be totally inadequate in practice. Who is going to go through the whole process of going elsewhere, recording a message, coming back here and linking it in?

Where is the option shown in the wiki?

(FreePBX 17 is no better).

@LesD Seem to me and that color show that wiki made from PBXAct.

Thank you. I have looked closer at the site and gone to the top and I see

So its seems to be for both. The options in FreePBX seems to be missing the recording option. Rather a shame as without that the existing options are not very practical - especially if its Friday and you want to do a quick update!

@LesD Hi, i did check my up to date FreePBX- i can see same as you… Maybe that is paid module feature? @lgaetz any idea ^^ ?