UCP can't login

first: due to my installations being very old, by-hand systems, i do not use the Distro. Maybe someday.

I have upgraded a system to Freepbx 13.0.163 with Asterisk 13. I am attempting to use UCP, but on login, all i guess is ‘processing’. Using the nice browser debugging tools, i see an “AjaxRequest declined”, and with some more debugging, command is ‘login’.


  1. Is ucpnode needed ?? I see that is only available on distro :frowning: ?? If needed, is there ANY manual way of installing ?
  2. If ucpnode is not needed… what am I missing ?


See this thread:

Perfect. At least i’m past that - thank you for pointing me in the right place.

Should it say “Connecting…” ?? I get Home, Presence & Settings, but not voicemail, etc.

ahh, voicemail there via more settings. Just the “Connecting…” at the top now.