UCP call monitor, voice mail records, feature codes, phone features, follow me settings

From what I read in the forum and Google the new UCP is supposed to be the equivalent of the previous user portal AMPWEBADDRESS/recordings/index.php but when I login to the UCP I only see and RSS feed, “HOME” and “CONTACTS”. Where are the call monitor, voice mail records, feature codes, phone features and follow me settings that used to be accessible to the end user?

Never mind. I see CDR access, playback voicemail, etc has to be enabled in “User Management”. While much more powerful this way it’s a big step backwards in usability if this has to be done for each new extension. I don’t suppose there is a way to create a default template for new users?

In FreePBX 13, you create groups within User Manager with all the parameters set as you like. Then when creating the user add them to a group. Each user parameter set to “Inherit” will use whatever setting has been set previously in the group.

That helps a lot. Thanks

OK so I set it that USER MANAGER records are created when I create an extension but when I delete an extension the USER MANAGER record persists and has to be deleted manually. Why is that?

Because a user can be linked to any extension so deleting the extension doesnt mean you want the user to be deleted.