UCP add fax for two extensions

In the User Manager > UCP, we can set a user to be allowed access to components from other extensions, such as voicemail, followme, device management, etc. However, I don’t see any options to add FAX for the ucp.

Here is my situation. We have a primary phone number for our location which is our general business phone and fax number. Then, each employee has their own extension. I need for the secretary to be able to check both voicemail and faxes for both the primary number as well as her own, and I want to keep the two separate, so she can tell what comes in on the main line, and in case I need to add another secretary to help keep track of what comes in on the main line.

In User Manager, I can make voicemail for the primary line available to the secretary, but there seems to be no option to do so for fax. The best I can do is change the incoming route to deliver faxes to her own account, but this does not keep the faxes separate.

Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere? Or is this just a missing feature?

This is not supported at the moment, it has been requested multiple times and there’s a active feature request which you can vote on…

What you can do is, setup a “Central Fax Account” and give the credentials to those who need to be able to send faxes.
Note: you can have incoming email delivered to multiple addresses.

Thanks for the reply and the idea.

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