UCP Account Creation E-mail

When I made a change in the UCP settings for a user I sent an e-mail and it showed the following but there was no link. Not sure if I deleted it when I customized the message but what should the link be?

Password: Obfuscated. To reset use the reset link in this email

You deleted it when you customized the email. You must go back to that area and read the help message to replace the variables. It’s not a simple link.

I have read the ? help item but don’t really see any variable that would provide a reset link

Any help would be appreciated… I really don’t see how to get this working properly

The magic keyword is


Heres the fully body

Hi %fname%,

Congratulations! Your %brand% account has been created! You can now use the credentials below:

	Username: %username%
	Password: %password%

To login to the following services:


The %brand% Team