Ubuntu 20.04 Freepbx install and bad news for php version 7.4

I am not a clever user…
I just install asterisk and free pbx on my server running ubuntu 20.04
Unfortunatli the guide I use install the default php for the ubuntu. This version is 7.4
As you know this version is not supported by the actual development of FreePbx.
Because I a not so clever, I don’t want to modify libraries to be able to solve issue.
I don’t know If I can remove php and install an older version without any other instabilities.
So my be the only one issue is waiting the next version of freePbx.

Any body know when freePbx will be able to support php version 7.4, the default version on ubuntu 20.04 ?

I know freePbx is free and thanks a lot for all people contibuting the project.

Best regards


What are you trying to accomplish?

FreePBX does not coexist well with other major software packages in the same environment; it expects the ‘whole machine’. Of course, that machine can be virtual; a small system can run on a tiny slice of a big server.

The easiest way for a beginner to get FreePBX running is to install the Distro ISO. See

If you want to run in an environment where installing an ISO is not possible, I recommend following an install guide such as https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FDT/How+to+Install+FreePBX+15+on+Debian+10+with+Asterisk+16%2C+PHP+7.3 .

If your application specifically requires Ubuntu, please provide details.

Ubuntu 20.04 is OK other than the php7.4 issue. You can install php7.3 from the sury.org repos.

Don’t have time to do the legwork for you, but searching the forums for suri.org should yield results.

Had the same problem yesterday.
Made it works with php7.2, just add repo.

Only issue was restarting apache2 was not enough, had to reboot server and then it worked

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