Tying FreePBX into an existing emerge door entry system

Hey gang, we started migrating from a Samsung Officeserv 7200 a few years ago, and the boss wants to finally move everything over to hosted FreePBX in the cloud, but we currently still use the Samsung phones for intercom & door entry via an emerge e3 system and Samsung KPOPTBDP4 door phones. I figured I’d have to replace the Samsung door phones and go to something like a 2N Helios IP Uni, but am I able to tie it into the existing emerge system that he spent a bunch of money on? It has separate RFID sensors at the doors which we’d like to keep, but I’m wondering if we have to replace everything by going to a full voip setup?

I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to keep it. Have you talked with emerge about your plans? They could be the best resource for integrating their system with FreePBX.

A lot is going to depend on the interface to the Emerge System. If you can get a VOIP Trunk to it from the FreePBX system, you should be able to consolidate most of your functionality down.

It may not be simple, but it should be doable, assuming you have the right interfaces. Have you checked for Interoperability with Asterisk? While you probably won’t find a lot about the Emerge system talking to FreePBX, I expect you should get some good leads by going “to the source”.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll try reaching out to emerge to see what could be done and will post here with my findings.

I’m fairly certain there are LOTS of ways to make this happen, so don’t take “can’t be done” for a first answer. There are management interfaces and several different trunk interfaces, so what we need to do is find the one that’s going to be the least hard.

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I reached out to emerge and was informed they only offer tech assistance to authorized dealers, and the authorized dealer in my area is clueless about anything other than old legacy PBXs :frowning: He did mention if I could provide a 12v signal to activate the door triggers, that might work, so now I’m looking at http://www.cyberdata.net/voip/011272/ combined with http://www.cyberdata.net/voip/011375/

Even Legacy PBXs have trunk and extension capabilities we can work with.

Also, the authorized dealer in someone else’s area may jump at the chance to make this part of their offerings (a free PBX they can charge as much for as one they have to pay for!). There is a solution - we just need to find it.

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Im working with a local dealer now, they don’t seem excited about VoIP (more like intimidated) but looks like we are going to try the Viking E-20-IP door phones. I just ordered them and we’ll see how it goes

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Remind your vendor that we’re here. The goal for us isn’t to take his business, it’s to expand his business by providing another, less costly, solution for his arsenal. He also has Sangoma support to fall back on if one of us can’t help.

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