Two x100p on the same system?

is it possible to use the system with two cards at the same time? I´ve installed two cards but I can’t for me life figure out how to get the two to work at the same time, one at a time it works.

can this be done?

I´ve been testing it, and it seem that dahdi_hardware finds them but for some reason it only load drivers for one of them. as one appears as wcfxo- the other as wcfxo+

what can be done so dahdi load drivers for both of them?

There are many varieties of so-called x110p hardware, IMHO, few work acceptably, and many need patching the source code to work at all never mind with another variant hardware card in place. They are soft-modems so intrinsically take a lot of system resources, times 2 in your case, echo cancellation will always frustrate you.

I would save yourself a lot of blood sweat and tears. Look for FXO hardware on eBay, they will be a little more expensive but generally they will also work, unlike those old things.