Two things with Zulu can't figure out

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I had a pbx go live today, and users are mentioning two things that I didn’t notice during build. I’m hoping someone here can help get me on the right track.

  1. I have a number of Zulu users who cannot set their presence from the settings > account page. A few users it shows up (my test zulu account is one thats working). For others, it shows their avatar, their name, pbx server, and then right into user info or account details. Why is the whole section for presence missing? Also on the settings page where you tap on their name to bring this up, it shows their extension, but no green handset. Its like there is no presence enabled??

  2. I have a queue that includes a few Zulu users. When the call is answered, the Zulu users keep ringing. Like at least 5-6 times past when the call is answered. The odd thing is, the timeout on the agent is set to 12s. It should at most ring 2 times I would think? Other desk phones stop like you would expect. I just saw a screen shot from a user. Zulu was ringing 48 seconds after the call had been answered.

Help! :slight_smile: Thanks,

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