Two systems connected by IAX questions

Sorry for the cross post, I originally posted in the tips and tricks. Here might be a better fit.

I have two FreePbx systems connected using IAX2. I can intercom to the different extensions and I have figured out how to use the SIP trunks on one to allow the other to dial out. I haven’t found a way to do the following:

  1. Dial a DID on PBX1 and send the call to an extension @ PBX2
    I have this setup so far:
    PBX1 DID incoming destination = trunk for PBX2
    On PBX2 I have an incoming route with the did number set destination to the extension I want. I get a “your call can’t be completed as dialed”

  2. On an IVR on PBX1 I want to be able to dial an extension on pbx2, pbx3, … When I try this I do to the failover extension of PBX1

  3. I would like to monitor the status of the offsite extensions. Setup a BLF key on a phone @ PBX1 with an extension of pbx2

Can anyone comment or show me where I can find the out how to do these things??

Thanks in advance!