Two servers at once?

I’d like to make some tutorial videos for FreePBX and I have one server running on a spare PC. Because it is configured correctly and active, I’d like to make a virtual server but still be able to demonstrate using the phones in the tutorials.

What would happen if I have a virtual and physical server running at the same time? While I need to switch the phone secrets between the two servers while I make the tutorials? What other things do I need to consider?

Remember the danger of crossing the streams in Ghostbusters? :wink:

Well, besides the obvious IP conflict, you could also have a conflict if they are running DHCP.

If I were going to do a demo, I’d spin up the virtual server on a machine on a separate network, and plug a few phones into it. I wouldn’t have them both running on the same network. Especially if it’s a production system; the IP conflict alone would interrupt phone service (at best)

Additionally, if you’re using SIP trunks you could run into both servers trying to log in at the same time.

Bottom line; if you’re going to do a demo, isolate the system.

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