Two pjsip trunks issue on same pbx

Headache issue today…
Scenario :

Pbx A and B are connected via no-registration pjsip trunk (intra-company)
No sip helper is enabled on both routers.
All is working fine.

I’ve added a new Pjsip trunk with service provider, this trunk is also a no-registration one between pbx and provider patton.

Pjsip endpoint available, Issue: no audio.

On Mikrotik router A , I go to enable Sip Helper:
now new trunk is OK but the issue is with intra-company trunk: pbx A says endpoint (pbx B) at first becomes no-qualified then unavailable.

I never had to enable sip helper, generally, on routers. (Pbx A) is masqueraded to (the interface facing Patton)
All traffic coming from patton to Mikrotik interface is transparently natted to pbx ip address.

Is there a way to make both trunks live in peace together ??

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