Two pbx, same outbound route?

Hello everyone.

I have two freepbx installed in two different location, with two different sip account, interconnected using iax2. On the second pbx I have free calls flat rate and I would to use that possibility on the first too.

It’s possible to send all outgoing calls from first pbx to the outbound route of the second one trough iax2 connection? If yes, how can I get this?

Thanks for your help!


On the second PBX, set Context for the trunk from the first PBX to

On the first, set an Outbound Route to send the relevant calls on the trunk to the second.

If no luck, post details about what gets logged on each side.

Thanks a lot Stewart1, i will try it.

My iax2 trunk seems to be already “from-internal”, right?

But, if i send the calls to this iax2 trunk, they will delivered to outbound route of the second PBX?


Because it is ‘from-internal’ it will route to the first matching route… You can use dialplan show nnnnnnnnnn@ to see where nnnnnnnnn will be sent, so the shorter ‘extensions’ will ring that endpoint, the longer ones will be considere ‘outbound’ make sure you don’t have conflicting endpoints on both PBI

Wow it works like a sharm!

After creating a second outbound route with iax destination and moved to the top, all calls from the first pbx go directly to the outbound of the second pbx with free calls!

Thanks a lot!!! :sunglasses:

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