Two levels Dynamic Routes variables

I’m trying to set up two levels Dynamic Routes.

First dynroute is called TOGGLE, I can call it with a Misc Application and it asks me for DTMF input.
I save the input for later and go to default destination hangup.
Saved input variable name: dtmf

Second dynroute is called INBOUND, I can call it with an Inbound Route, it should lookup for previous DTMF input from TOGGLE dynroute, but I don’t know how to write expression to read it.

I’ve already tried [dtmf], dtmf, ${dtmf} ${[dtmf]}, DYNROUTE_dtmf, ${DYNROUTE_dtmf}.

What’s the correct Asterisk Variable?

INBOUND dynroute isn’t a destination of TOGGLE dynroute, they’re completely independent.

The dtmf input saved to the dynroute variable is only available while the channel is up. If you need to save that value for another call, you must write it somewhere permanently such as the AstDB. Have you seen this thread:

Nothing to say, you’re the best.

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