Two level interface for FreePBX [SOLVED]

Although there has been a long discussion about developing a simpler interface, I prefer to start another one. We are a small startup, and we would like to integrate FreePBX in a router. Doing the install I found that some modules (IVR and Ring groups, probably others) has a project of two level interface.
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It is exactly what I am looking for. A Sangoma tech told me this is present in PBXact, but I want to stick to OpenSource.
Is there a project on such a two level interface, friendly for the simple user, without loosing anything of the flexibility and power of the full interface ? Can we collaborate ?

This is a really bad idea and not really what Asterisk or FreePBX are designed for. Yeah, I know OpenWRT has Asterisk but it’s not that great and I’ve spent many of hours trying to support people attempting it and it never works out great.

Why would you want this in the router?

I would be on the same page here. Generally the lowest power platform I would use is a raspi and even then I don’t like that as a platform except for really light work. This is also with it doing nothing except playing PBX. Your best bet if you wanted to add voip for some reason would be to just use asterisk and write a simple interface to do slimmed down work with asterisk.

Side note the answers to most questions that involve some sort of “voodoo” can be found in the code

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Thank you for the answer, it was what I was looking for.

To set FPBXOPMODE to “basic” (default is “advanced”) :
fwconsole mysql
update freepbx_settings set value = “basic” where keyword like “FPBXOPMODE”;

reload the interface, it works. The interface is now much cleaner, at least on some modules like Extensions, Ring Groups, IVR.

A small module could allow the user to change this value easily.

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