Two issues - Chat notifications and Native desktop client


I’ve filed tickets with iSymphony support but it’s been days and they’ve not responded. Seems if you purchase a product the support would be a little better. In any case…

I’m wondering if there is a way to get notified of chat messages in the native desktop client and also wondering if there is a way to keep the session from timing out in the native desktop client.

The program is working fine but the session is expiring much too soon ~ 3 minutes or so and it’s supposed to be designed to be opened all day as a control panel.

And without chat notifications the chat feature is useless.



Ok days with no repsonse for a paid purchase and no response on here for days… meanwhile my customer can’t use the product the way they intend.

Seriously is iSymphony still a thing? They seemed to gladly accept my money but when it comes to support - nothing. I can’t imagine that they’re that swamped that they can’t respond to a ticket in over 4 days.

At this point seriously considering asking for my money back but it doesn’t look like it will reach anybody’s ears…

Not very happy as you can tell!

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

We can tell. I have a fair bit of experience with iSymphony, but not with the desktop client. AFAIK, the client has been deprecated for ages, which may explain the lack of response here. I’m not aware of anyone who still uses it.


A client being deprecated IMHO is no excuse for lack of a response… I run a business myself and if I didn’t respond to my clients I wouldn’t be in business very long. I digress…

Also if the client is deprecated then why is it prominently talked about in the Installation documentation? It also has it’s own page here.

The only reason we were originally considering using it is because we thought that chat notifications would work better through this client but it appears that there are no chat notifications or at least I can’t find where to turn them on.

What are others doing for instant messaging? Since freepbx has integrated XMPP now I’m considering dumping the idea of using iSymphony for that part and using a client such as Pidgin on the desktops.


(Lorne Gaetz) #5

This is not an iSymphony support forum, and responses you get (if any) will come from those who voluntarily choose to share their time and knowledge. From the tone of your responses, it’s not clear to me that you are aware of this.

Good luck on your quest.


Apologies if I came off harsh not my intention - I was responding to your comment about maybe that is why there was no response to the ticket. Just stating that just because a piece of software is outdated or deprecated that doesn’t excuse them for not responding.

I am very clear that this is a community forum and that all responses are voluntary from members of the forum.

Thank you for responding - it’s hard sometimes to post something in electronic form because it is hard to tell tone. I am obviously (or maybe not so obviously) venting because I’m frustrated over the lack of support for a paid product (not from the forum but from the tickets I opened with i9).

Also being under pressure at a client site to get their system working doesn’t help. I’m out here selling and installing their software - the least they could do is respond to support tickets in a timely manner.


(Lorne Gaetz) #7

Ah, no I was not commenting on the ticket response. It was my theory as to why there was no response “here”, meaning in this forum.

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Pro Tip: You can always ping here @isymphony