Two freepbx's with IAX, Infinite Loop detection

We are designing a branch-office idea which will have:
one FreePBX server at each of two sites
an IAX Trunk (context: from-internal) between them

I want to have a catch-all outbound route to send 3-digit extension calls across the IAX trunk, if not known.
specificaly “I dont own extension 123! send it to the other guy!”
however, the concern becomes - what if the other PBX does not own the extension… and sends it back to the first PBX.

Is there any loop detection that can be utilized here? My backup plan would be to add a CID Prefix to the trunk calls, so that they do not trigger my outbound route… but I would love to preserve the true CID if possible

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If you have non-overlapping extension numbers at each site, you use specific dial patterns for each so it won’t be an issue. For example, have a dial pattern of 3XX to reach the 300 series extensions at one site, and 4XX to reach 400 series at the other site.

that is likely to be our stop-gap measure, yes.
Root need here is, we are having a slow migration into our new office space, and were hoping for a more general routing to allow staff to be migrated without needing to adjust our routing.

You can enforce a separation zone by prepending a routing digit onto the phone numbers. When you send a number from one zone, you can put a 3 or 4 (to follow Lorne’s example) onto the number and write a small “editor” on the inbound context that checks for the “correct” value for this PBX before stripping it. Within the inbound context, you can check for existence and proceed accordingly.

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